Welcome to Feryway!


My name is Feride, I am the business owner of Feryway LLC.
I grew up with my parents and six siblings in the multicultural, Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. Since I have always enjoyed communicating with people, I took the 
opportunity to study languages. I am proud to speak Italian, Turkish, German, Swiss German, French, and English (since 2014.)

I participated in volunteer programs to help kids in Costa Rica (2018) and in Peru (May-June 2016), so I have started to learn Spanish, too.


When I returned from Peru, I had the idea to start with Feryway LLC in September 2016. I am offering services to help people of different ages and ethnic backgrounds. I have work experience and expertise in a wide variety of disciplines, like sales,  interior design, and child and senior care. My passion for cooking came from my mother, who sadly passed away when I was a teenager. She taught me to prepare healthy, fresh and simple dishes.


Fortunately, I can count on the support and help my husband Herbert as I begin my small business adventure. We have been happily married since 1998. In 2014 we moved from Switzerland to North Carolina with an intercompany transfer. We are excited and happy to live here in Cary and to meet friendly and helpful people. Since we got Leo our dog in September 2017 we all three enjoy NC outdoor activities.


Our interests include traveling, riding bicycles and motorcycles, playing tennis, skiing, walking with our dog and swimming. We have traveled all over the world - we've visited 37 countries! We always return home with new ideas and impressions.


After all the things we've seen during these trips, we are motivated to help children, adults and elderly people to live happy and stress-free lives.


Life is too short to be unhappy!